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Level 12 Unlocked

Level 12 Unlocked:

  • Funny Comet Crab gaming t-shirt poking fun at gaming, If you ever played a game hard to the point of your box overheating just to unlock the next highest level then you will enjoy wearing our funny gaming tee.
  • All Gaming Geeks, Nerds and Gamers love wearing our funny gaming tees as they are instant ice breakers and conversation starters no matter where you go or are socializing at our designs will do most of the work for you while you sit back and smile.
  • Pick one up for yourself or as a gift idea for a friend or family member

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Created on August, 9, 2019 and was first used in commercce the same day, Level 12 Unlocked is one of Comet Crabs top sellers and trending designs to date almost twenty years later. Over the years there has been many copycats and even counterfeiters but no one has been able to beat or surpass Savvy Turtle as we will always remain the Originals in Unique trending designs.

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